Students in Foundation through to grade 6 are participating in Tennis lessons during their weekly PE lesson for the first four weeks of term 4. Here are some photos from week 1, where the students were introduced to the FOREHAND!


In week 2 students were taught how to do a BACKHAND, and what the differences are between a forehand and backhand.


During week 3 the students were introduced to volleys, serving and doubles match play. Despite the unpleasant weather at times throughout the week, all grades got outside and did very well.


In week 4 we plan for students in Foundation to grade 2 to be introduced to mini matches, and for grade 3-6 students to participate in a class round robin!


Swimming 2017

Bethal will once again be offering swimming to all of our students this year. It is extremely important that children learn how to swim, as it will allow them to:

  • stay safe around water and act appropriately in emergencies
  • be fit and healthy
  • have fun with friends

Once again, Bethal Primary has worked hard to offer a great course at a low cost. For $90, your child will receive:

  • 7 x 45 minute swimming lessons with fully qualified instructors
  • Transportation by bus, to and from school to Broadmeadows Leisure Centre
  • Skills that will keep them safe around water for the rest of their life

Dates: The 8th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th of November 2017.

Students will be placed in three groups. The first group will be leaving school at 9am each morning and arriving back at 10.45am. The second group will be leaving school at 9.45am and arriving back at 11.30am. The third group will be leaving school 10.30am and arriving back at 12.15pm.

Please return your permission note to the office. We look forward to another successful year at swimming!

Rugby League Gala Day

On Friday 25th August selected students in grade 5 and 6 represented Bethal at the District Rugby League Gala Day. As we are still learning about Rugby League, it was a very full on day. The students skill level and knowledge of the game increased dramatically throughout the day, and I was very proud of their amazing ‘never give up’ attitude. Well done!

Foundation – Grade 2 AFL Tabloid

On Monday 18th September, students in Foundation to grade 2 participated in an AFL Tabloid run by the students in 56C. Some of the students from the kindergarten came across for a visit and participated in some of the activities. Tom, the Physical Literacy teacher, attended the tabloid session and was a great help with the students. It was amazing to see all their hard work over the past two terms come together and students able to participate in a safe, fun and enjoyable manner. Thank you to the house captains for doing an amazing job with the younger students, moving them from station to station, encouraging and supporting their younger house members. Well done to everyone involved!


Athletics 2017

Firstly I would like to congratulate all students that represented Bethal at the Gladstone Park District Athletics on Wednesday 30th August. All students tried their best, showed determination and behaved exceptionally well. A special congratulations to Rosemary (34B), Senula (34B) and Tyra (56C) on qualifying to represent the Gladstone Park District at the Woodlands Division Athletics which was held on Monday 11th September. These three students represented the district, Bethal Primary and themselves in a remarkable manner. Well done!

I would like to wish Tyra the best of luck in the 9/10 girls high jump at the Northern Metropolitan Region Athletics held on Wednesday 18th October!

Foundation Tennis Racquets

The Foundation students have received brand new tennis racquets, thanks to ANZ and Tennis Australia’s School Partnership Program.

ANZ’s support of the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program has ensured students in their first year of school at a Tennis Australia partner school receive a brand new tennis racquet, with an astonishing 80,000 taking up the opportunity since January 2015.

There are currently more than 2000 schools Australia wide who participate in the program as part of their health and physical education curriculum.

Students will be completing 4 tennis lessons during their PE classes at the beginning of Term 4!

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